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Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Devoted to constantly study and practice on steel products, we become the first and only factory who can produce polymer coated corrugated metal culvert pipe and corrugated structural plate in China. Equipped with whole sets of advanced production lines, Anrun has the ability to produce quality corrugated metal pipes & structural plates and specific products which can meet or even exceed each and every customer's need.

Whether you need integral corrugated steel pipes, or corrugated steel plates that will be assembled together for a large diameter or span application, you will find what you want in Anrun. Here are three main types of products recommended shown below:

blue polymer coated corrugated metal culvert pipe sample

Corrugated metal culvert pipe

Corrugated metal culvert pipe includes integral corrugated pipe, semi-circular pipe parts, pipe-arches, pipe fittings and accessories. They are generally used as road culvert, drain system and stream enclosure, etc.
Storm water detention system installation site

Special fabrication

Upon your request, specialty fabrications are also available including storm water management system, side-slot drain pipe, perforated metal culvert pipe in a wide range of profiles, diameters and coatings.
corrugated steel plates are being coated in our workshop.

Structural plate

Some customers are watching the production of polymer coated corrugated steel plates. You can see one piece finished and others are waiting for coating. They are considered to be the best choice where a large diameter is needed for your projects.

Anrun Allows for the Widest Product Choices

Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies corrugated steel pipe with a wide variety of diameters, thickness, corrugation profiles, shapes and coatings.

  • Diameters & Thickness
    For our customers, pipe diameters ranging from 300 mm to 16000 mm are available, with a suitable thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm. When selling abroad, concerning easy and economical shipment, we usually make the pipes with a diameter below or equal 2000 mm into semi-circular parts. Obviously, for those with a diameter above 2000 mm, three pieces of plates or more will be a better choice. Constructed in this way, the structure is commonly called corrugated steel plate pipe.
  • Corrugation Profiles
    Our metal culvert pipe machines can produce several types of corrugation profiles, allowing the designers to best match the job-site conditions.
  • 68mm by 13mm corrugation profile drawing

    68 mm × 13 mm (2 2/3" × 1/2") profile

    75mm by 25mm corrugation profile drawing

    75 mm × 25 mm (3" × 1") profile

    125 mm by 25 mm corrugation profile drawing

    125 mm × 25 mm (5" × 1") profile

    150 mm by 50mm corrugation profile drawing

    150 mm × 50 mm (6" × 2") profile

    200 mm by 55 mm corrugation profile drawing

    200 mm × 55 mm (8" × 2") profile

    300 mm by 100 mm corrugation profile drawing

    300 mm × 110 mm (12" × 4") profile

    400 mm by 150 mm corrugation profile drawing

    400 mm × 150 mm (16" × 6") profile

  • Shapes
    For all products, shapes can be ordered according to the requirements of projects, such as round, arch, horizontal ellipse, vertical ellipse, pear shape, box culvert and various others.
  • Coatings
    Anrun offers various coating options: zinc coating, PE (polyethylene) powder coating, EP (epoxy resin) powder coating, PET (polyester) powder coating, etc. Soil conditions and a variety of other application factors can influence your choice of metal culvert pipe coatings. The hot-dip galvanizing or zinc coating is the most widely used method for corrosion resistance of corrugated steel pipes, which we can supply.
    While, polymer-Coated Corrugated Steel pipe is recommended for use where acids, salts and alkali are present. Even under these harsh conditions, the polymer coating can protect against corrosion to provide at least 100 years of service. This tough coating layer works as a long-lasting barrier against harsh destructive elements so detrimental to concrete pipe.
  • Applications
    • Drainage: corrugated steel pipe is the strongest drainage pipe, and still trustworthy with deep backfill and high live load.
    • Silo: corrugated steel plate storage structures are getting more and more popular because of easy and fast construction and reliable strength.
    • Road Culvert: excavation, laying and backfill, three steps to form a road, either permanent or temporary, especially for emergent ones.
    • Grade Separation: or you can say underpass, overpass, small bridge as you like, numerous cases around the world. No matter its shape is round, ellipse or arch.
    • Rehabilitation: economical way to reinforce or repair an aged culvert or bridge, without disturbing the traffic over it.
Prominent Advantages
Our corrugated metal culvert pipe with galvanized or black polymer coating surface has many advantages
Versatile: Many specific features can be ordered to best satisfy your project requirement.
Flexible: corrugated steel pipe and plate structure can adapt to various base conditions.
Durable: corrugated steel's strength combines polymer coating's corrosion resistance, leading to 100 year's service.
Economical: low general cost for convenient shipment, easy installation and little maintenance.
Sustainable: steel is the most recycled material and there is little pollution on either production or application.
Experienced Engineers for profession & innovative designs.
Earnest Workers with high-quality products and prompt delivery.
Passionate Sales with adequate knowledge and through service.
We are ready to prove your smart decision to choose us!
Hot Products

By making the pipe into semi-circular parts, we can load semi-circular metal culvert pipe 4-6 times more in the same container, so to reduce the customer's cost signally.

Corrugated steel plate structures are versatile, durable, economical and sustainable project solutions for numerous application domains.

Corrugated metal culvert pipe is proven to be economical, durable, versatile and sustainable, widely used in road culvert, drainage, storm sewers, etc.

We can design, produce and provide side-slot drain pipe, perforated metal culvert pipe, storm water management system according to your order.

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