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Applications of Corrugated Steel Structural Plate

Always with an eye on the newest development of the industry, we know that some pioneer engineers are trying or have tried to apply corrugated steel plate pipe to power plant cooling water lines, ventilation and fan ducts, mining tunnels, conveyor covers, wind turbine foundations, etc. We are willing to supply superior corrugated steel plate and pipe products as your specifications, and enlarge the application domains of this excellent material together with you.

The banner says Hebei Anrun company’s hot-dip polymer coated large diameter corrugated steel plate pipe installation job site.

Bridge Replacement

This is a two hole small bridge constructed with corrugated steel plates.

Small Bridges/Stream Crossing/Fish Passage

A case of underpass built with corrugated structural plates.


This is a rural grade separation case of corrugated steel plates application.

Road/Railway Grade Separation

A utility tunnel enclosing water supply and drain pipe.

Utility Tunnel

The workers are relining an old bridge with corrugated steel plate pipe.

Rehabilitating Aged Structures

They install corrugated structural plates into an arch to stop a car below.

Small Warehouses and Temporary Shelters

After flood, an emergency road was built with corrugated steel plate pipe.

Haul Road

A corrugated steel plate pipe is installed to protect the pipe inside.

Protection Structures

This is a mine tunnel built with corrugated structural plate. We can see its portal.

Outfall Protection/Mining Portal/Canopies

Recently, many granary projects use corrugated structural plates as main material.

Silos/Granaries/Storage Structures

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