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Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe - Cost-Effective Solution

Corrugated steel pipe is our traditional product in domestic market. We have innovative engineers, modern producing facilities, experienced workers, passionate sales team and conscientious construction corps. All of above is to ensure we are capable to supply quality products and superb services to each and every customer.

Four types of normal corrugated metal culvert pipes are mainly supplied by our company: round corrugated steel pipe, semi-circular metal corrugated pipe, corrugated steel pipe arch, pipe fittings and accessories. Here are the benefits and available applications of these quality products.

blue polymer coated corrugated metal culvert pipe sample

Corrugated metal culvert pipe, or corrugated steel pipe, includes semi-circular pipe parts, pipe-arches, and pipe fittings and accessories.


  1. Durability: predictable service life of 100+ years.
  2. Reliable: qualified products with experienced engineers.
  3. Lightweight: easy to installation with light-duty machinery.
  4. Sustainable: the most environmentally-friendly products on the market.
  5. Strength: the steel material and integrity of steel-soil structure interactions are almost unlimited.
  6. Economical: less expensive of shipment and fast installation, little life-cycle maintenance cost.
  7. Versatility: a wide variety of MCP pipe sizes and shapes, with different wall thickness and corrugation profiles, additionally, we accept customized orders for special uses.
  8. Flexibility: adapting to rigorous working environment and allowing for steep slope applications.
  9. Connection: soil-tight joints and factory-made fittings help to fulfill a perfect project. Special fittings can be customized.

For these years, our corrugated steel pipes and corrugated metal culvert pipes have been used in plenty of projects as shown below, both home and abroad.

  1. Road Culvert/Driveway Culvert/Haul Road.
  2. Drainage System.
  3. Storm Sewers/Storm Drain.
  4. Storm Water Management System.
  5. Irrigation Pipeline.
  6. Stream Enclosure.
  7. Nestable Flume.
  8. Emergency Road.
  9. Shafts/Caissons.
Part of Specifications for Metal Culvert Pipe
Outside Diameter (mm) Corrugation Profile (mm) Pipe Wall Thickness (mm) Coating Thickness (μm)
300-1500 68 × 13 2.0-4.0 ≥63
600-2000 75 × 25 2.0-5.0 ≥63
600-2000 125 × 25 2.0-5.0 ≥63
1500-2000 150 × 50 2.0-7.0 ≥63
1500-2000 200 × 55 3.0-7.0 ≥63


  1. Semi-circular pipe sheet can be made as small as 600mm diameter.
  2. The coating thickness shown here is galvanizing standard. Usually polymer coating layer is thicker than galvanizing.
  3. Not all specifications are listed here. Contact us for more choice.

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