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Corrugated Steel Plate - Variety, Flexibility & Utility

Different from corrugated steel pipe, corrugated structural plates are shipped to the customers in nested plate bundles and bolt-assembled into the final shape on the job site. When the diameter or span exceeds 2000 mm, corrugated structural plates becomes a better choice, especially in international trades.

The project adopting corrugated structural plates combines the advantages of easy installation, superior strength and high durability. With increased wall thickness (10mm at most) and stiffer corrugations, the plate structure can form extra large spans and adapt to extreme fill height.

Hebei Anrun Anti-Corrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. can produce corrugated steel plates with a wall thickness ranging from 3mm to 10mm, in at least four corrugation profiles: 150 mm × 50 mm, 200 mm × 55 mm, 300 mm × 110mm and 400 mm × 150mm. As indicated below, the plates can be assembled into various shapes.

Round shape of corrugated structural plates.


Horizontal ellipse shape of corrugated structural plates.

Horizontal Ellipse

Vertical ellipse shape of corrugated structural plates.

Vertical Ellipse

Pear shape of corrugated structural plates.


Pipe-arch shape of corrugated structural plates.


Box culvert shape of corrugated structural plates.

Box Culvert

High profile shape of corrugated structural plates.

High Profile

Radius arch shape of corrugated structural plates.

Radius Arch

Low profile shape of corrugated structural plates.

Low Profile

Anrun company offers two ways of plate connection: overlapped and edge flange. The former is more often used while the latter has some specialties. With welded flanges on four edges, the innovative design allows the construction work to be done from one side, especially suitable for bridges, tunnel reline and vertical shaft building. The flanges can either direct to outside or inside of the structure.

Several corrugated steel plates are joint together to test the construction convenience

For each order, we will join some pieces of corrugated steel plates into the needed shape before polymer coating to test the construction convenience.

A pile of corrugated structural plates with flange edges

Galvanized corrugated steel plates with flange edges

A piece of polymer coated corrugated steel plate

Polymer coating is the last step of production for complete corrosion resistance and avoiding damages of coating layer.

The coating option largely depends on the soil condition of the job site. At least three options are available here in Anrun company: traditional galvanized, patented polymer coating finish, and combination of the two. Since established, our company has been devoted to researching and providing anti-corrosion solutions of steel products. Now we have national patent on polymer coated corrugated structural plate pipe.


  1. Environmental friendliness and Sustainability.
  2. Easy installation and lightweight construction.
  3. Various construction shapes and spans for option.
  4. Superior strength to carry huge dead loads and live loads.
  5. Economical solution for both installation and life-cycle costs.
  6. Long service life, predicted to be 100 years with polymer coating.
  7. Convenient delivery in compact nested bundles, saving freight cost.
  8. Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion, especially with polymer coating.
  9. Reusable, some temporary or emergency projects can be dismantled and reused.
corrugated steel plates are being coated in our workshop.

Some customers are watching the production of polymer coated corrugated steel plates. You can see one piece finished and others are waiting for coating .


  1. Small bridges/stream crossing/fish passage
  2. Underpasses/overpasses
  3. Road/railway grade separation
  4. Silos/granaries/storage structures
  5. Utility tunnel
  6. Rehabilitating aged structures
  7. Small warehouses and temporary shelters
  8. Bridge replacement
  9. Outfall protection/mining portal/canopies
  10. Haul road
  11. Protection structures
Part of Specifications for Corrugated Structural Plate
Outside Diameter (mm) Corrugation Profile (mm) Pipe Wall Thickness (mm) Coating Thickness (μm)
1500-3000 125 × 25 2.0-5.0 ≥63
1500-8000 150 × 50 2.0-7.0 ≥63
1500-8000 200 × 55 3.0-7.0 ≥63
6000-12000 300 × 110 3.0-10.0 ≥63
6000-16000 400 × 150 3.0-10.0 ≥63


  1. The coating thickness shown here is galvanizing standard. Usually polymer coating layer is thicker than galvanizing.
  2. Not all specifications are listed here. Contact us for more choice.

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