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Specially Fabricated Metal Culvert Pipe

We are not the largest manufacturer in corrugated metal culvert pipe industry. But thanks to our creative engineers and experienced workers, we have the ability to produce high quality products, ranging from normal corrugated steel pipes & plates to special fabrications that best match the customer's very requirement.

Corrugated metal culvert pipes & plates have been proven to be powerful products, from which plenty of new fabrications and applications are developed. Here we only list some of them below:

A side-slot drain pipe sample

Perforated metal culvert pipe
Perforated metal culvert pipe can well do the jobs such as storm water infiltration, ground water recharge, etc.

A side-slot drain pipe sample

Side-slot drain pipe
This creative product provides a continuous drain solution. Installed along the road or street side, it can perfectly let in the surface runoff.

A job site of installing storm water management system

Storm water management system
Our storm water management system can be designed and fabricated according to your site condition. It effectively helps store and reuse the storm water, with cost effectiveness and environment benefits.

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