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Factory-Made Corrugated Culvert Pipe Fittings and Accessories

A sample polymer coated joint band with a short piece of helical pipe in it.

This is a polymer coated joint band sample, we put another piece of helical corrugated pipe in it to show the connecting way to the customers.

To finish a project, not only main pipes are needed, but also pipe fittings and end sections. Our range of factory-made pipe fittings and accessories helps to accomplish a good soil-tight joint. Metal end sections integrate well with their surroundings, preventing erosion around the culvert.

With our expertise in corrugated steel pipes, Anrun Factory manufactures and supplies a wide variety of culvert accessories and fittings, including but not limited to joint bands, Ts, Ys, elbows, crosses, reducers, manholes, metal end sections, etc. Meanwhile, we constantly strive to search for solutions to our customer's problem. Depending on our experienced engineers and workers, we accept special fabrication orders and will manufacture the satisfied products to meet or even exceed your expectations.

A galvanized T-type metal culvert pipe joint with asphalt coated end for added corrosion resistance.

A galvanized T-type metal culvert pipe joint with asphalt coated end

Several man-holes on a truck

A heavy truck full loaded with corrugated steel pipe man-holes sets is driving to the job site.

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