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Side-slot Drain Pipe Helps Remove Road Surface Runoff

We all have similar experiences. After rain, we see much road runoff can not be drained by faraway catch basins immediately and effectively, to make it worse, some of them will stay there for a long time, waiting for evaporation. Evidently, this is a problem, sometimes even a danger.

Side-slot drain pipe picture.

A sample picture of side-slot drain pipe.

Thanks to the engineers, Anrun Factory developed a continuous drain pipe called Side-slot Drain Pipe, or call it Road Side Drain Pipe as you like. We produce this pipe based on normal corrugated steel culvert pipe, by welding a rectangular grating steel slot on one side of the metal culvert pipe. After installed along & beneath the road, the continuous gutter are created for draining surface runoff effectively and clearly.

As a factory devoted to providing our customers optimal anti-corrosion pipe solutions, we accept customization on pipe diameter and wall thickness, either galvanized or polymer coated steel is OK.


  1. High strength.
  2. Superb working performance.
  3. Factory made and standard joint bands.
  4. Easy and fast installation.
  5. Little maintenance.


  1. City road curb inlets.
  2. Track sidelines of playground and stadiums.
  3. Highway Shoulder and median barrier drain.
  4. Parking lots and other continuous paved surfaces.
  5. Airport aprons, taxiways, and hangars.
  6. Railroad inter modal facilities with heavy wheel loads.
Three cleaners are removing the surface rainwater which can not be drained by catch basins.

After rain, three cleaners are removing the rainwater on the road by brooms.

Side-slot drain pipe can absorb rainwater effectively.

An installed side-slot drain pipe is absorbing rainwater effectively, eliminating labor cost.

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