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Metal Culvert Pipe for Storm Water Management

With the fast development of urbanization, more people come to cities, more buildings and parking lots take natural open spaces and permeable land surface, which used to functionally help discharge storm water. In addition to aged city drains, only a few methods are used to deal with mass storm water, the result is that we hear many cities flooded heavily in every rain season. Urban water logging, or flooding, has been a more serious problem.

CSP storm water management system is installed on a job site.

An installed set of CSP storm water management system waiting for back fill.

Hebei Anrun Anti-corrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. supplies quality storm water management system based on corrugated steel pipe. This system is designed to store large volumes of storm water temporarily and release it in a determined rate, helps reduce city surface runoff and reuse storm water effectively. Generally, it is installed beneath city parking lot, or other places surrounding commercial or residential buildings, without taking valuable surface space.

Corrugated steel pipe structures will integrate with backfill material and form a soil-structure interaction system, largely increasing its capacity to carry both live and dead loads. No other detention systems can reach such carrying capacity. Moreover, specific fabrication of elbows, tees, manholes, inlets and outlets are available to fulfill the whole system. With our advanced polymer coating finish, the service life of corrugated steel pipe storm water management system is predicted to be 100 years.

Foundation and backfill
A uniform and stable foundation with designed material and depth is required before installation of storm water management system. And any damaging material shall be removed. The backfill material should be well graded with suitable size, and carefully placed and compacted under and around the pipe. The backfill operation should go evenly on both sides of the structure, and along the pipe length at the same rate. The cover height is always not too big, with a minimum of 100mm.


  1. Better land utilization
  2. Excellent storm water collection
  3. Ground water recharge
  4. Park or landscape watering
  5. Help to reduce urban water logging
  6. Ideal for detention, retention and recharge systems
  7. Long predictable service life of 100 years
  8. low material and installation costs
  9. Fast and easy to install

Application Area

  1. Parking Lots
  2. Golf Courses
  3. City Gardens
  4. Leisure Squares
  5. Residential yards
  6. Pedestrian Streets
  7. Commercial Centers
  8. Schools and Institutions

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