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Polymer Coating Is Your Wise Choice of Steel Protection

Polymer coating is a finish treatment to let steel products gain excellent corrosion and abrasion assistance. It combines both advantages of steel and polymer, resulting in a superior product which exceeds them faraway. In fact, polymer coating has been the most advanced and popular method of finish industry these years.

With years of research and experience in this domain, Hebei Anrun Anti-corrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. can offer various kinds of powders for your options. PE (polyethylene), EP (epoxy resin) and PET (polyester) powder materials are all available to best suit your special requirements. Many color options will assure you a favorable product appearance.

Red polymer coating metal culvert pipe

polymer coated corrugated metal culvert pipe in red colour

green polymer coating metal culvert pipe

Green corrugated steel culvert pipe sample

A piece of polymer coated corrugated steel plate in black color

A piece of corrugated steel plate is coated with black powder.

We adopt electrostatic technology, to ensure the coating layer thickness and product performance. And the coating process is after corrugation molding, which avoids surface hurting of pre-coated ones. As electrostatic polymer coating is a "dry" method, no chemical solvents are needed during the process, it is thought to be the most environmentally friendly steel finish treatment way.

What about the cost? Will it expensive to choose polymer coating? Don't worry. The cost of polymer coating is only a tiny higher than traditional galvanizing method, but the finish effect of polymer coating will be ten times rewarded.

Now comes the conclusion, polymer coating is durable, variable, environmentally-friendly and cost effective method. And definitely it will be your wise choice.

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